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Cybersecurity challenges could Make or Break IoT

Enterprise customers are limiting their investment in IoT devices because they have concerns about security risks.

There will be 30 billion IoT devices by 2020. The global market value of IoT is estimated to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020.



IoT Cyber Security

“In the simplest terms, IoT is when you connect your appliances, vehicles, equipment, infrastructure, and machinery with software, sensors, electronic systems, and actuators to exchange data.

IoT forms a connected environment in order to collect or exchange data and then data will be converted into value using artificial intelligence, machine learning, or analytics. If we talk about the present situation, IoT is being used in wearables, transportations, commercial buildings, agriculture, smart cities, homes, and widely in manufacturing.

Secure IoT Data

  • Manufacturers see IoT as the most critical to achieving their product quality and production
  • Personal and Financial records
  • Enterprise research and designs

Secure IoT Devices

  • Wifi Network
  • Automotive analytics
  • Serviceable hardware
  • Laptops, computers, iPhones
  • Residential appliances

The major reason why AI is having the potential to boost IoT-driven initiatives is its ability to pick insights from the huge amount of data. And that does make sense in this data-driven world.” The StartUp At its core, the Internet of Things is about sensors embedded into devices of all kinds, which provide streams of data via internet connectivity to one or more central locations. The purposes for transmitting sensor data are myriad, but the assumption in all cases is that that data can then be analyzed and acted upon in some way that is beneficial to the user.

Cyber Forza suite of products goes beyond what traditional vendors have been providing to ensure the patient records and reputation is protected.

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