About Us


The need for a built-in adaptive and Cognitive AI solution led to the conceptualization of Cyber Forza. With it’s extensive awareness of the effect of data breaches on not only personal and financial data but also the confidentiality authenticity, and integrity of banks, the company came up with Cyber Security solutions that lower operational expenses while protecting end-user data effectively. 
Started in 2010 with R&D in stealth mode, Cyber Forza developed multi-layer, multi-level security software that can mitigate advanced security problems in the enterprise segment. The lack of advanced cybersecurity detection mechanisms like advanced malware and phishing is met with Cyber Forza’s CISS (Cyber Intelligent Security Software) products. The CISS Defender for external threat protection, CISS Interceptor for internal threat protection, and CISS Forza Client for end-point and IoT to provide cyber security protection. 
Cyber Forza founder and CEO Dr. Venkat Rayapati is a Cyber Security Innovation Executive, who has unique technical vision on Cyber Security with AI and Block chain integration for advanced threat prevention. He worked on the American Space Station Project (NASA), and various Satellite Development Programs, where is data security is most critical. Designing Secure Safe systems for data centers, IOT Applications, Banking and Financial Institutions is very important.