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"It's notoriously difficult to identify individual cyber-criminals," Dr John Chapman, head of security operations for Jisc, (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee).

"Educational institution networks continue to be a favorite playground for cybercriminals.” CSO from IDG.



Education Cyber Security

Stephen Burke, the founder and CEO of the organization Cyber Risk Aware, said that schools are an “extremely easy target” for hackers. “You are seeing a lot of identity fraud now where children’s name and details are used to make official documents,” he said.

“Schools have often never been targeted before, they haven't been trained, they are unsuspecting. If you are a private school the reputational damage will be quite severe.”

2017, the education sector accounted for 13 percent of data breaches, resulting in the compromise of around 32 million records. Although educational institutions may not seem as wealthy or as target-rich as healthcare organizations or private businesses, they in fact house a great deal of sensitive personal and financial information, as well as valuable proprietary research data.

Secure Education Records

  • Family and Student profile
  • Education research and development
  • Historical records

Secure Education Devices

  • Computers, Laptops, iPads
  • Classroom equipment
  • Servers and Storage

Cyber Forza understands the importance of personal information, protection, workflow, intelligence and compliance for education. Cyber Forza suite of products goes beyond what traditional vendors have been providing to ensure the education records and reputation is protected.

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