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Forza Defender (Outside/External Threat Cloud Security Protection)

Forza Defender (Outside/External Security Solution) is Powered by Cognitive & Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI), (40-IN-1) Cyber Security Product for comprehensive Protection. It replaces stack of security appliances and provides holistic, highly integrated, interoperable, easily adaptable, less complex solution.

Cyber Forza solves multi-vendor appliance chaos with integration, interoperability and scalability. Defender provides a comprehensive enterprise security solution to defend your organization outside / external threats. Cyber Forza enables advanced virtualization technologies application through security customization, automation and consolidation.

Advanced Threats to Enterprise

Next Level Securing Network and Threat Prevention

  • Forza Defender provides integrated comprehensive cyber protection against the most advanced cyberattacks at the network. Ex: Ransomware (Wannacry), Advanced & Zero-Day attacks
  • Predictive Threat analytics engine based on Adaptive and Cognitive AI algorithms

  • Defender Overview

    Enhanced security efficacy
    • With Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, prevents known and unknown threats for a range of threats including Ransomware, Advanced Malware by analyzing and identifying malicious actors.
    • Works with existing infrastructure, delivers efficient security by lowering CAPEX and OPEX.
    • Unparalleled visibility and protection from the comprehensive, integrated threat intelligent network.

    Unified, Intelligent Security

    Consolidated security management orchestration to quickly stop the cyberattacks.
  • Customizable security policies, deeper visibility and reduced complexity using shared intelligence
  • AI-driven Cybersecurity Software deployable On-Premise, VM and Cloud
    Ease of maintenance, highly scalable, single management   correlates security across all network environments, cloud services and mobile infrastructures.

    Defender Features & Benefits
    Integrated Security Software: Multi-Layer / Multi Attack threat security modules working together to defend effectively against External / Outside Cyberattacks.


    • Predictive Cognitive & Adaptive Intelligence

    • Highly Integrated and Interoperable

    • Highly Scalable and Consolidated Software Solution

    • Prioritize & Defend Multiple Cyber Threats

    • Scalable for Future Requirements

    • AI Integrated IDS / IPS Engine

    • NGN Firewall Integrated with DDoS

    • Advanced Persistent Threat Monitoring and Defense


    Detection Visibility

    Find targeted attacks and threat actors before its too late to prevent customers trust in your organization.

    CEO Fraud and Phishing email
    Cybercriminals spoof company emails accounts to impersonate executives to wire money transfers. Combine AI and advanced domain-spoofing detection to prevent CEO fraud and phishing attacks.
    Advanced NGN Firewall Integrated with DDoS
    Superior & faster DDoS protection integrated with Adv NGN Firewall is a barrier or shield to prevent unauthorized access to a private network.
    Real Time Monitoring and Alerts
    Detection is automated for any outside / external cyber threats that could compromise the organization.

    Defender Executive Summary

    • Software-based Cloud Cybersecurity

    • NIST Compliant

    • Highly Integrated, Interoperable & Scalable Solution

    • Stateful Firewall Integrated with DDoS protection

    • Ransomware, Advanced Malware, Zero-Day & Emerging cyber threats protection

    • CEO Fraud, Business Email Compromise attacks, Phishing, Spear / Whale Phishing attacks Protection

    • Supports High Availability & Load Balancing

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