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C2ISS Cloud Cyber Intelligent Security Software

Cyber Forza is the first Cloud company to apply Cognitive & Adaptive AI to defend the most advanced cyber-attacks. Multi-Layer, Multi-Attack 360o Security Software defends against OS, Network & Application threats.

The company's advanced integrated interoperable products: C2ISS Defender (Outside/External), C2ISS Interceptor (Inside/Internal), and C2ISS Forza Client (End Point) with built-in threat hunting through cognitive and behavioral predictive intelligence actively defends your corporate infrastructure. Cyber Forza products enable NGN SIEM capabilities with Security Incident Event Management data correlation using Adaptive AI. C2ISS Vulcanor provides holistic Vulnerability and Risk life cycle management through Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR).

Cognitive AI defends against Ransomware, advanced malware, phishing, APT, Zero Day and emerging threats from ever executing on a targeted system by coupling advanced adaptive artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of an attacker's behavior.

Cyber Forza products provides high visibility with predictive and defensive methods against the most advanced cyber threats while maintaining NIST and MITRE framework compliance.

Cyber Attacks Can Happen At Any Time. Prepare Today for Cyber Attacks Tomorrow

Next-Gen Cloud Enterprise Architecture with CyberForza Products


Artificial Intelligence

The next generation of cybersecurity products are increasingly incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. By training AI software on large datasets of cybersecurity, network, and even physical information, cybersecurity solutions providers aim to detect and block abnormal behavior, even if it does not exhibit a known "signature" or pattern. Experts anticipate that, over time, companies will incorporate ML into every category of cybersecurity products.

In the Cloud

Cloud security must create a collaborative approach that analyses event streams of normal and abnormal activity across all users to build a global threat monitoring system. 

Transition successfully to a cloud-based Secure Cloud Gateway platform, the cloud platform must be capable of supporting the vast set of user-based policies that the on-prem solution supports.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is a critical component of any security program. Compliance, which is only a point in time, is directly impacted by the ever changing and always evolving rules and regulations which makes it quite challenging for organizations to maintain a sound compliance posture.

Enterprise Security Architecture


Cyber Security: Enterprise Risk

The future enterprise is leaner, faster and more agile. Business processes are streamlined, digitized and automated. This data-driven, real-time action creates more risks from; Connectivity, Intelligent, and Autonomous machines and processes.
Enterprises are racing into the digital future—adopting technology-enabled operating and business models that drive bottom- and top-line growth. But they are not prepared for the new cyber risks that come with the connected, data-driven future enterprise. To be cyber resilient, companies need to infuse security into everything they do—and every new thing they are preparing to do.

Security Architecture

Every company implementing an information security program should perform due diligence regarding enterprise security architecture. The reason is that enterprise security architecture provides the concepts to ease the understanding and troubleshooting of security issues and to build structured, meaningful security practices. In addition, it may be used in the event of an audit or litigation. This structured approach saves time, resources, and money by providing guidelines to reduce the repeated security practices and processes that should be performed with each IT project.

C2ISS Deployment Architecture