CISS Defender

CISS Defender (External Threat Protection)

CISS Defender (External Threat Protection) is Powered by Adaptive & Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI), (20-IN-1) Cyber Security Product for a comprehensive Protection. It replaces the stack of security appliances and provides a highly integrated solution to address the OS level, Network Level and Application Layer Cyberattacks for SMB’s to Enterprise organizations to address daily challenges posed by emerging and known threats.
Integrated Security Stack: Multi-Layer, Multi-Level threat security modules working together to defend effectively for all External / Outsider Cyber attacks. CISS Defender is flexible to deploy distributed or centralized cloud environments, to scale across many locations and applications. Product scales from on-premises virtualized infrastructure to cloud containers implementation for the business migration.
Provides an umbrella coverage: Advanced Next-Gen Firewall with perimeter coverage, Ransomware, Advanced Malware, Virtual Private  Network (VPN),   Phishing, DDoS, Spam, URL, Web, Content filtering, Email scanning, DNS, Captive Portal, Load balancing, and high availability for Cloud infrastructure protection and real-time visibility.  

Defender Overview

  • Deployed VM and Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud environments.
  • High scalability, productivity, multi-tenancy, load balancing and failover mechanism with effective cyber security.
  • Updated IDS and IPS signatures have been integrated with AI to prevent or block the repetitive malware and ransomware matching patterns.
  • Customizable NextGen Stateful firewall policies give flexibility for the organizations to manage with their existing policies.
  • Integrated WAF/URL/Content filtering, spam filtering, Antivirus (AV) solution.

Defender Benefits

  • Existing Security Infrastructure Investment Protected and Interoperable with Cyber Forza product
  • Feature rich (20 IN 1) integrated applications that work under one solution
  • Cost-Savings 25% compared to Competition
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Customization support for Corporate Security Policies
  • Built for Scalability and Performance
  • Supports On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Deployment models
  • Co-exist with existing investments
  • Paying support for a single product not multiple

Defender Features

  • Advanced Next-Gen Firewall
  • AI Integrated IDS / IPS
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • WAF / URL / Content Filtering
  • Guest Services (Captive Portal)
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Traffic Reporting & Monitoring
  • Load Balancing
  • Command Control (C2) Hacking
  • Internet Access Monitoring
  • Active Directory Integration

Defender Overview

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