CISS Interceptor

CISS Interceptor (Internal Threat Protection)

CISS Interceptor (Internal Threat Protection) is Powered by Adaptive & Cognitive AI, (20-IN-1) Cyber Security Product provides granular visibility, User activity, Insider Threat Detection, Threat Analytics, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Profile quantifies for OS, Network, Data Center, Cloud Infrastructure, and  IoT devices.
Provides Predictive Prioritization for Internal threats, Data Breach detection/Malware protection, Integrated IPS/IDS, Software Patch Management Automation, Regulatory Security Compliance, and Report generation automation. Efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on the top 3% of vulnerabilities have a major impact, a potential of 97% reduction in vulnerabilities based on the threat intensity.

Interceptor Overview

  •  CISS Interceptor, an integrated solution with 20 IN 1 features for data breach detection, malware protection with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to provide internal threat protection to clients with it’s real-time monitoring.
  •  This product utilizes integrated Adaptive and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence along with threat analytics to generate reports of security audits and offers real-time notifications in case of any threat.
  •  Perform Vulnerability Assessments periodically and protects data loss (DLP) on critical servers sensitive data.
  •  In addition, it oversees the corporate security policy and assures regulatory compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, CDI and GDPR.

Interceptor Benefits

  •  Existing Security Infrastructure Investment Protected and Interoperable with Cyber Forza product
  •  Feature rich (20 IN 1) integrated applications that work under one solution
  • Cost-Savings 25% compared to Competition
  •  Lower CAPEX and OPEX
  •  Customization support for Corporate Security Policies
  •  Built for Scalability and Performance
  •  Supports On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Deployment models
  •  Co-exist with existing investments
  •  Paying support for a single product not multiple

Interceptor Features

  • Data Breach Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • IP Theft Protection
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Threat Analytics
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IoT Device Monitoring
  • Security Policies Customization
  • Security Automation

Internal Perimeter And Architecture Security Infrastructure

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