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A security gap assessment and analysis are conducted to identify the current security posture of an organization, identify areas for improvement and develop a plan action to mitigate the issues. A good security gap assessment is more than just running a set of COTS tools and spitting out the results. The data from the security assessment should identify issues and help enhance the security posture of an organization. The resulting posture should make it difficult for the adversaries to compromise the IT environment. There are many parameters that can be used to scope the security assessment. 
In addition, when conducted on a regular basis, the results of the security gap assessment and analysis can be used to identify the improvement in the security posture of the organization. These results provide the metrics for management review. 
A security gap assessment and analysis by the security experts from CyberForza will include any of the following:

Security Audit

Security Audit is an exercise to verify compliance with industry standards or regulatory requirements such as NIST SP800-53, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, FISMA AICIA etc. This does not provide a clear picture on the security state of the organization. This validates the level of compliance with the standards and regulations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is an exercise to identify vulnerabilities in an application, Platform or Infrastructure. These could be related to technology limitation, design of the application / platform / infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an active validation of the vulnerabilities to eliminate or reduce the number of false positives resulting from the analysis. Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are also sometimes referred to as a Technical Security Assessment. The Technical Assessment will be conducted on the different components that make up the IT environment – Applications; Platform; Infrastructure; Database; Users.

Penetration Test For Web Application

should cover the widely known OWASP top 10 issues and more. In addition to identifying the OWASP ranked security vulnerabilities. the objective of an application penetration testing is to identify security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding, and publishing of the software.

Penetration Test For Platform

covers the security vulnerabilities that arise from improper configuration, vulnerabilities not mitigated through patches, encryption etc. 

Penetration Test For Infrastructure

The objective of an infrastructure penetration testing is to identify security issues with the design, implementation, and maintenance of servers, workstations, printers and network segmentation and protocols. 

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