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Cyber security is a critical issue due to the increasing potential of cyber attacks and incidents against critical sectors in Smart City

Smart City Security Threats

Security Vulnerabilities

One of the major concerns regarding smart cities and the buildings therein is that the equipment and the sensors that relay data can be hacked into easily. The hacker can then cause signal failures and all kinds of wide scale, such as shutting down of subways or injecting contaminants into the mainstream water supply. Producers of software and hardware often release such products without much forethought to the security features being implemented. Governments often check and test such products, mainly on functionality, but often the cyber security parameters are left out.

Smart Cities are an absolute dream for infrastructure cyberattacks

in Smart Cities are happening in real time. Some key aspects need to be taken into consideration; one of which is forming collective security partnerships between the police and vendors of relevant products.Second, enhancing laws that deal with cybercrime while at the same time keeping a check on hackers that prey on video-sharing sites and the various social media platforms are essential components of robust countermeasures for a Smart City.

the more that there are operational integrated computer systems in a Smart City and the more data that is shared and collated openly by those systems, the “smarter” the city becomes. Dr. Simon Moores, director of Zentelligence Research and a highly-regarded futurologist expert, described at a recent IFSEC conference that the integration of buildings in a Smart City that is already outfitted with electric doors, lighting, electric meters and HVAC sensors could be an intractable problem.

The Ramifications Of A Cyber Attack

Ransomware attacks on enterprises occur at an alarming rate. This is one of the most prevalent cybersecurity vulnerabilities faced by businesses today. The challenges brought about by integration are not only highly-technical but also underscore the functional interdependencies that exist within a Smart City. For instance, if the subways do not function and people fail to report to work, then chaos results. Hackers know about this “avalanche effect” and can use it to launch an attack on poorly secured installations that may seem non-critical. This would cause a massive chain reaction of destruction

“Here are the cyber security concerns expressed by government respondents.”



Cyber Security For Smart Cities

All together, the smart-city market is expected to exceed $1.7 trillion in the next 20 years. But the inter connectivity across the virtual and physical infrastructure that makes a smart city work also creates new and substantial cyber security risks. With each additional access point, sensitive data exposure vulnerabilities expand. Smart cities can be susceptible to numerous cyber attack techniques, such as remote execution and signal jamming, as well as traditional means, including malware, data manipulation and DDOS. To counter the risks, comprehensive smart-city plans designed to safeguard what is clearly “critical infrastructure” are needed on behalf of all parties involved, from the individual citizen to large public and private institutions.

Because a threat could enter a smart-city infrastructure at any compromised point, the risk can quickly grow as one system can then compromise the next. In a classic weakest-link scenario, one seemingly innocuous connected device, when hacked and injected with malware, could potentially open up an array of other devices to penetration, causing cascading damage throughout the entire infrastructure

Secure Smart City Infrastructure

  • Traffic Control
  • Street Lighting
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Management

Secure Smart City Devices

  • Monitoring system
  • Computer emergency response
  • Public sector controls
  • Sensors
  • City Management severs

Cybersecurity is a prerequisite for the smart city, argued. That means pursuing security, privacy and high-availability (having a cyberattack recovery plan, backup facility, cloud management, and manual overrides) by design. Cyber Forza’s CISS platforms enables secure and protection access to Smart Cities which providing Real Time alerts and protection against cyber attacks and threats. Cyber Forza provides a strategy and execution plan to assist Smart Cities management to institute a wide range, best practice protection, and deployment of the CISS products to detect, identify, and protect their most critical assets.

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