Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Patient’s Records compromised

Research Data Breach

Prescriptions and Medicine dosage altered

Secure your Medical Network Infrastructure

Protect Medical Research Data



Healthcare Cyber Security

Today’s cyber threat landscape is advancing so quickly that hospitals need to find advanced CISS products to prevent, detect and resolve the dangers caused by these attacks. 
As hospitals increasingly use digital technology to gather, store and share patient information, they also must take steps to ensure data security. Digital health will continue to evolve, and increasingly leverage secure connectivity for patients, physicians and other care providers. 
Healthcare includes providers, medical insurers and pharmaceutical and other life sciences organizations. Their records have a higher cyber market value than credit cards. Specifically, medical and prescriptions records and social security numbers have a long shelf life for identity and insurance fraud. 

Secure Medical Records

  • Patients medical & personal
  • Patient medicine subscription
  • Doctor medical and background

Secure Digital Devices

  • Computers, Laptops, iPads
  • Medical Surgical Equipment
  • Medical Servers and Storage

Cyber Forza understands the importance of integration, protection, workflow, intelligence and compliance for hospitals. Cyber Forza suite of products goes beyond what traditional vendors have been providing to ensure the patient records and reputation is protected.

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