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Unified AI Cloud Cyber Defense Platform

Unified AI cyber defense is a challenge has made a paradigm shift in our ability to detect & defend critical data and digital infrastructures. Our platform offers strained security teams to keep pace with constantly evolving end to end multi-threat landscape.

Provides threat intelligence across your organization with the use of single unified AI intuitive cloud cyber defense platform for holistic visibility and cyber risk reduction.

Ever evolving threats unknown unknowns are the potential risk for the enterprise. Pre-identified threats are protected by the existing signature & rule based solutions. Our platform able to generate prediction of attacker and defender behavior. The prediction of attacker preferences could be exploited for mitigating the risk of successful multi-attacks. Powered by the unsupervised AI technology defends automatically using construct cognitive expert behavior. It responds to these multi-threats before they create a major crisis for your organization.

Our unified cyber defense is a cognitive expert learning technology - like human brain system, it learns “on the job” from the data activity it observes on the fly with expert system knowledge. Automatically detect & defend multi-threats across dynamic cloud environments. Cyber defense to ingest, and analyze vast amounts of high frequency machine data to deliver unmatched visibility cyber insights and performance.

A Robust Unified AI Cloud Cyber Defense Platform provides the following to protect your organization.