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“Nearly half of Power and Utility CEOs concerned cyber-attacks are imminent”

“Federal authorities have issued public warnings about foreign hackers penetrating the US  power grid and other critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity experts say the intent is to plant digital grenades in those systems until they decide to pull the pin.”

Regina Mayor

Global Sector Head, Energy and Natural Resources, for KPMG

Cyberattacks Are Becoming A Greater Challenge For The Energy Industry Forbes

Attack on US Utilities would not even be seen

An attack on the United States could create casualties on a massive scale. Research shows a cyber attack on the power grid that shuts off electricity would potentially leave millions of Americans without food, clean water, access to money, health care and more. These attacks are from an enemy who may never step on US soil. But they could cripple vital systems, electricity.

More distributed resourceshigher potential for attack

"In theory, a grid with more distributed resources can increase the potential attack surface for adversaries because the capacity of distributed generation, including renewables, has grown exponentially over the last decade," Bill Lawrence, director of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Greatest cyber threats
Terrorist Organizations

While Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea pose the greatest cyber threats, other nation-states, terrorist organizations, trans-national criminal organizations and other more capable groups and individuals use cyber operations to achieve strategic and objectives.

“This isn’t a sideshow”
Dr. Peter Pry, Dir. of Nat’l Homeland Security

Dr. Peter Pry, Executive Director for the Task Force on National and Homeland Security agrees.   "This isn't a sideshow," he said. "This is the way the primary way our enemies would come after us in a future war, cyber, physical sabotage and nuclear EMP attack." Pry worked on the US commission assessing the threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which would wipe out electrical systems.



Cyber Security For Utilities

In such a customer-centric industry such as P&U, CEOs understand the importance of protecting customer data, but emphasize the need to better meet customer expectations. Nearly two-thirds of all CEOs in the survey said that protecting customer data is critical to enabling growth in their future customer base. One-third of CEOs feel their organizations' performance in meeting customer expectations for a personalized experience is sub-par, and 78 percent feel they are just meeting, or below, customer expectations. Further, as the purchasing power and customer demands from the millennial generation grow stronger, CEOs see the biggest challenges in meeting the generation's needs as: responding to millennials' expectations of an on-demand service; appointing senior leaders who can better relate to millennials, and engaging millennials in new ways via digital channels.

Secure Utility Infrastructure

  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Coal Mining
  • Nuclear Energy Development
  • Natural Gas Distribution& Marketing
  • Oil& Gas Exploration& Production
  • Oil& Gas Field Equipment Manufacturing
  • Oil& Gas Field Services Petroleum Refining

Secure Utilities Data

  • Business Processes Information
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Executive communications
  • Market analysis
  • Proprietary technologies
  • Data server and storage

Cyber Forza’s CISS platforms enables secure and protection access to Utilities Power Grid which providing Real Time alerts and protection against cyber attacks and threats. Cyber Forza provides a strategy and execution plan to assist Utilities management to institute a wide range, best practice protection, and deployment of the CISS products to detect, identify, and protect their most critical assets, Power to their customers.

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