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Zero Trust Integrated Cloud Cyber Defense AI Platform

Eagle Zero Trust Core

Eagle Zero Trust Core provides Integrated Cloud AI Infrastructure Cyber Defense Platform. Provides highly integrated, holistic visibility, interoperable


Eagle Zero Trust Edge

Integrated Cloud AI Remote Office Cyber Defense. Provides tightly integrated with Firewall, CASB, UEBA, DLP ( Network &End Point), VPN, Endpoint, EDR, and cloud monitoring.


Eagle Zero Trust Endpoint

Integrated Cloud AI Endpoint Cyber Defense. The Eagle Zero Trust Endpoint Platform is flexible and extensible when it comes to meeting your endpoint security needs.


Eagle Threat Management

Integrated Cloud AI Threat Management provides highly integrated, holistic visibility, interoperable, and less complex solution.


Eagle Risk Management

Integrated Cloud AI Cyber Risk Management Platform. Vulcanor is a comprehensive enterprise grade cyber-risk predictive platform. It covers IT, OT, Business & Applications risks.


Eagle identity Management

Integrated Cloud AI Identity Access Management software that helps companies to manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, web services, and IOT devices.


Zero Trust Integrated Cloud AI Cyber Defense Platform

Zero Trust Integrated Cloud AI Cyber Defense Eagle Core Platform

Global Threats Defense Per Week


Billion Threats

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Do You Want To Detect Uncovered Zero Trust Threats in RealTime?

Eagle Anomaly Detection System is the Answer

Cyber Forza Anomaly Detection System is an OS, Network, Applications, IT, OT & Business security solution powered by an intelligent detection AI engine designed to complement traditional security tools.

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