AWS Cloud Security with CyberForza

AWS Cloud Security with CyberForza Zero-Trust Compliant Eagle Platform

Many enterprises are turning to AWS Cloud to build new applications, extend internal data centers, and ultimately take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. CyberForza Zero Trust Compliant Eagle Platform defends Users, Customer Data, Applications with Dynamic Identity and Access controls. Ease of deployments for Workloads with Playbooks and Automation.

Move fast to AWS Cloud and stay secure with CyberForza Eagle Platform

CyberForza Eagle Platform provides AWS Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to defend workloads, micro-services and business applications across multi-tenant environments with multi-threat defense. Real-Time Threat monitoring of Cloud configurations with SOC-in-the-Box. Identifies Cloud Vulnerabilities and Risk Management with remediation process.

Integrated Cloud AI Cyber Defense Eagle Platform provides end to end Zero Trust Compliance [ZT] and Presidential Executive Order 14028 Compliance on Workloads of the Supply Chain Infrastructure. Eagle Platform delivers Fastest Detection with EDR and MDR capabilities.

Hawk-Eye Overview
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    CyberForza Eagle Platform offer comprehensive security for AWS workloads, Micro-Services including SaaS based NextGen-Firewall, Zero Trust Dynamic Identity & Access Management, Intrusion Prevention, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Fastest Threat Detection and Application security.


    Cloud Security Posture Management

    Cloud Edge SASE Security

    • Next-Gen Firewall & VPN’s
    • Email Protection
    • CASB & UEBA
    • DLP
    • Endpoint Detection & Response

    Vulnerability and Risk Management

    • Vulnerability Holistic Visibility
    • Attack Classification & Prioritization
    • Constant Monitoring & Alerting
    • False Positive Removal

    SOC in the Box

    • Real Time Monitoring of Cloud Assets
    • SIEM
    • SOC
    • SOAR
    • Audit & Regulatory Compliance Reports
    • DevOps security
    • Security Automation

    Cloud Core Infrastructure Security

    Defender - External Threat Protection

    • NGN Firewall Integrated with DDOS
    • AI Integrated IDS/IPS Engine
    • Ransomware & Adv. Malware protection
    • DNS Protection & Back door protection
    • Email & CEO Fraud Email Protection
    • WAF, URL, Content Filtering & Application
    • APT, Phishing, Domain spoofing
    • High Availability & Load Balancing

    Interceptor – Internal Threat Protection

    • Data breach detection
    • Intrusion detection & Protection
    • Configuration changes & Patch Management
    • Assets Real Time Monitoring
    • Threat Analytics & Vulnerability Assessment
    • Audit & Regulatory Compliance Reports

    Armor – Identity & Access Management

    • SSO
    • MFA
    • OTP
    • Zero Trust Policy Configurations
    • Facial Recognition
    • Password less Authentication

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    AWS Cloud Services

    Cloud SASE Dashboard
  • Use Cases

    AWS Cloud Security Use Cases

    Cloud SASE Dashboard

Customer Benefits

Value Proposition

  • Zero Trust Compliant Architecture Software Platform
  • Multi-threat Protection
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Cognitive & Adaptive AI Technology
  • Integrated Cyber Defense Platform
  • CMMC Level 3 & Level 4 Compliance

Customer Benefits

  • No CAPEX…
  • OPEX Cost Reduction by 20%
  • Security Operational Efficiency by 35%
  • Protects Cyber Investment & Easy upgrades
  • ROI <2 Months

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