Defender: Outside | External Threat Defense


Integrated Cloud AI Outside Cyber Defense. Provides highly integrated, holistic visibility, interoperable with existing security infrastructure, easy to migrate, and less complex solution.

Cyber Forza solves the multi-vendor appliance/multi-cloud chaos with ease of integration, interoperability, and scalability. Easy migration from on-prem to cloud. Integrate security into every phase of your cloud journey.


Defender Overview

Defender Overview

Integrated Cloud AI Security Software defends Multi-Layer & Multi-Cyberattacks Integrates 40 modules with single pane of glass for holistic visibility. Deployed in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Century Link Cloud. Ease of On-Premise to Cloud migration.

Defender Dashboard

Defender Dashboard

Defender Features & Benefits



  • NGN Firewall Integrated with DDOS
  • AI Integrated IDS/IPS Engine
  • Ransomware & Adv. Malware protection
  • DNS Protection & Back door protection
  • Email & CEO Fraud Email Protection
  • WAF, URL, Content Filtering & Application
  • APT, Phishing, Domain spoofing
  • High Availability & Load Balancing

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce TCO
  • No CAPEX
  • OPEX reduction by 20%
  • Operations Efficiency increased by 35%
  • ROI <2 Months
  • Protects Cyber investments and easy upgrades



Advanced NGN Firewall Integrated with DDoS

Robust AI-based DDoS protection integrated with Adv NGN Firewall.

C-Level Email Phishing & Fraud Defense

Cybercriminals spoof company emails accounts to impersonate executives to wire transfers. Combine AI and advanced domain-spoofing detection provides defense against C-Level fraud and phishing attacks


Detection Visibility

Find targeted attacks and threat actors before it’s too late to prevent customers.

Real Time Monitoring and Alerts

Outsider / External cyber threat Real-Time detection is automated.


Defender Enterprise Deployment Architecture


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