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Unified Cloud Threat Management Commander Platform

Threat Management Overview

    AI Unified Cloud Threat Management provides highly integrated, holistic visibility, interoperable, and less complex solution.

    Unified Cloud Threat Management gives you the ability to protect sensitive data from outsider, Insider & Endpoint threats

    Modular Design--Choose the modules needed, co-exist with existing security infrastructure


Unified Cloud Threat Management Platform Features


Unified Cloud Threat Management Platform Benefits

    Technical Benefits

  • Centralized Real Time Security Events and Incidents Visibility
  • Breach Detection
  • Heuristic & Predictive Analytics
  • Forensic & False Positive Analysis
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Detect and Prioritize Threats in Real Time
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Configuration & Patch Management
Economic Benefits

  • No CAPEX
  • Operational Expenses reduction by 25%
  • Easy to Use
  • Customization of Security Policies

Unified Cloud Threat Management Platform Modules

SIEM Overview

    The Cyber Forza SIEM provides the log processing, incident correlation analysis and AI based threat management.

    Cyber Forza SIEM collects all logs from network firewalls, network routers, servers and other intrusions detection and prevention measures implemented.

    Cyber Forza SEIM technology bring in threat intelligence feeds in addition to traditional log data, and security analytics capabilities that look at network behavior as well as user behavior to give more intelligence around whether an activity indicates malicious activity.


SOAR Overview

    Cyber Forza SOAR’s functional components are security orchestration, automation, incident management and collaboration, dashboard and reporting. These components perform different activities and functions with the SOC

    Detect and Prioritize business risks using Threat Intelligence, respond and remediate by decision making process.


SOC Overview

    Cyber Forza’s SOC software will provide your SOC team with a complete inventory of your devices and assets, real time alerts, business critical data, compliance policies, and other essential data to view 24/7.

    CyberForza SOC leverages Threat Intelligence from multiple Intel sources and integrated into a platform for collaboration, correlation, visualization and actionable analysis.

    Integrates with various data lakes for UBA, System analytics, visualization and reporting.

    Platform is also used for running hunt missions, query engine, reporting and AI for ticketing and incident remediation.


Threat Management Decision Making Process

    CyberForza Unified AI Cloud Threat Management Platform provides the need for a platform to bring it altogether, the core security platform, risk platform and Endpoint protection platforms with less complexity. .

    It provides security team with a single place to get everything they need to make decisions is becoming more apparent.


Unified Cloud Threat Management Platform Architecture

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