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CyberForza job openings

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  • Software Python Intern

    Job Description

    Cyber Forza is looking for an Engineering Intern to complement a team of technical professionals within Engineering. This is an exciting role that will have a direct impact in building a world class Cyber Security technology.

    The Engineering Intern will be responsible for working within the engineering team on projects to further grow various aspects of the business. This role will assist and learn from full stack developers, business intelligence analysts, data engineers, data scientists and QA engineers. You will have an opportunity to use the latest cloud security technology platforms in Data Warehouses, BI Tools, ETL Tools, relevant SaaS based software in the industry.


    • Work with engineering leadership and team members to deliver projects based on the current technology stack.

    • Develop Cyber Security Modules using AI Algorithms

    • Review and assess the current state and identify improvement opportunities and best practice recommendations.


    Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Data Science or similar.

    Experience with standard program languages such as Python, spring boot, Java, etc.

    Proficiency in SQL a plus.

    Excellent communication skills.

    Experience in a cloud-based environment preferred.

    Skill set Requirements:

    Python, AngularJS, TypeScript, Node, AWS, Lambda, Serverless, API Gateway, ElastiCache, Redis, EC2, Dynamo, PostgreSQL, RDS, MongoDB, NoSQL, Microservices, Caching, Tensor Flow, NLP, Keras etc.

  • Software Intern UI/UX

    Job DescriptionAbout the Role

    We are looking for a Software Developer intern for UI/UX. You will contribute to shaping the front-end of our web product and developing an excellent user-centered experience. You take pride in the quality, reusable code, you're excited about our fast, iterate faster approach, and you understand that frequently changing requirements and features are part of an early-stage startup.

    You're a self-starter comfortable with uncertainty and structured chaos and excited to join a team of kind, and bright people motivated to get everything done


    • Collaborate effectively with our technical team (UX/UI Designer + Front-End Developer + Back-End Engineer) to architect, scope, and build user-facing features for companies and consumers alike.

    • Ensure efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstractions.

    • Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability.

    • Contribute to team productivity, code quality, and tech adoption.


    • Student Intern.

    • Knowledge of / experience in React, Redux, and JavaScript.

    • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates.

    • Workable knowledge of Git.

    • Good knowledge of CSS.

    • Good command of English and solid communication skills.

    Nice to Have:

    • Experience in Node.js.

    • Experience in HTML / CSS.

    • Experience working with MongoDB, GCP.

    • Prior experience with customer-facing products handling sensitive data.

  • Cyber Security Intern

    Job Description

    Cyber Forza is actively seeking a talented Cyber Security Intern to join our team. This position will report directly to our Director of Network and Security.

    If you are a student searching for the first step to building a career in cyber security, this is the position for you!

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Collaborating with managers and technical staff to solve problems and develop technical requirements

    • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement

    • Assist in maintaining security systems

    • Develops or modifies operating procedures to mitigate security risks

    • Build domain knowledge of environment to understand long-term risk areas that could develop as the systems evolve

    • Assist in Cyber Security operations as needed including but not limited to assessments, reporting, documentation and incident response

    • Promote security awareness and policy guidance to ensure user understanding and adherence


    • Students pursing a degree or technical learning path in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, or other related field.

    • Broad scripting/programming skills (Java, Python, Bash, etc.)

    • Experience with Linux servers

    • Knowledge and/or experience of end point protection, vulnerability scanning and patching

    • Knowledge and/or experience in security systems, including firewalls, intrusion detections systems, anti-virus software, authentication systems, etc.

    • Strong analytical skills to perform effective troubleshooting

    • Proactive research to prevent issues

    • Attention to detail and work product validation

    • Excellent communication skills

    • Ability to handle multiple task simultaneously in high stress environment, independently and as part of team

    • Team player able to effectively interact with colleagues and stake holders across the company

    • Seeking students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security related areas of technical study and/or learning paths.

    Additional Skills:

    • Experience in networking and telecommunications industry

    • Cyber security or threat intelligence experience – spam, malware, phishing, vulnerability management

    • Knowledge of the newest areas of security including Cloud technology, Big Data environments, Mobility, and virtualization technologies (AWS, VMWare, Open Stack)

  • Frontend Developer Intern

    Job Description

    We are looking for a Front-End Developer intern. You will contribute to shaping the front-end of our web product and developing an excellent user-centered experience.


    • Collaborate effectively with our technical team (UX/UI Designer + Front-End Developer + Back-End Engineer) to architect, scope, and build user-facing features for companies and consumers alike.

    • Ensure efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstractions.

    • Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability.

    • Contribute to team productivity, code quality, and tech adoption.

    Required Qualification:

    • Knowledge of / experience in React, Redux, and JavaScript.

    • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates.

    • Workable knowledge of Git.

    • Good knowledge of CSS.

    • Good command of English and solid communication skills.

    Additional Qualification:

    • Experience in Node.js.

    • Experience in HTML / CSS.

    • Experience working with MongoDB, GCP.

    • Prior experience with customer-facing products handling sensitive data.

  • Full stack Developer Intern

    Job Description

    Architect, build and launch new data models that provide intuitive analytics to our customers in diverse industries. Design, build and launch extremely efficient & reliable data pipelines to move data between IBM Cloud and Google Cloud. Design and develop new systems and tools to enable folks to consume and understand data faster. Use your expert coding skills across a number of languages from Python, React. You have developed applications within cloud technologies. Work across multiple internal/external teams in high visibility roles and own the solution end-to-end.


    • Scripting: Shell scripting (Bash), Strong experience in Python with experience in Django as well but not mandatory.

    • UI Frameworks: Strong experience in ReactJS & Redux

    • Server: Apache / Nginx or similar

    • Database: NoSQL & Relational Databases such as MySQL / PostgreSQL

    • HTML5 & CSS3

    • Cloud Technologies: Google Cloud Platform and/or AWS

    • Source Code: Git

    Job Types: Full-time Internship


    • BS/MS in Computer Science

  • Full Stack Java or UI/UX Engineering Intern

    Job Type: Full-time, Internship


    BS/MS in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics


    • Obtain UI/UX Requirements, prioritize, and implement changes suggested by the customers

    • Ensure continuity by building on previous development.

    • Collaborate with developers, designers, and business partners to ensure the launch of the App. online, through app-platforms e.g., Eagle Platform, rollouts are a massive success

    • Ability to solve for roadblocks associated with the natural path of development through creativity

    • Strong resolve and persistence in "getting things done”


    • Experience (or high-level of initiative with support of our Dev.Team to develop proficiency) in Java, Eclipse for Java EE developers, Spring MVC, SQL (ie. SQL server)

    • Experience and/or high level of energy and excitement for Full Stack or backend engineering that will 'change the game' to truly 'Think Different' in reimagining retail banking + commerce

    • Exposure to software development as a CS graduate or equivalent, current studies, Bootcamp with Portfolio (deployed or on GitHub), or self-taught skills

    • JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

    • Utilizing JSP templating as well as AJAX requests with form validation in JavaScript for a responsive front end

    • Opportunity to engage in major refactoring to a RESTful API with front end framework, progressive web app, mobile app, etc…

    • Experience, interest, or ability to collaborate for DevOps including:

    ** Deployment using FileZilla to generate WAR files, pushing to Linux server with Putty, regularly pushing code to our repository via Git** Utilizing correct design patterns when adding tables to the database and writing SQL using JDBC to create, read, update and destroy rows from tables** Writing and changing controllers/models in a Spring MVC web application, adding utilities to the app, as well as manually configuring new JAR files as third party libraries.

    • Not necessary but a plus to have some experience or interest in applied tools including WordPress and SendGrid to engage end-users and working with UX specialist to implement their designs or user feedback in our existing code base with HTML and CSS

    • Passionate about the positive social impact that your development can deliver

    • Good team-player and collaborator with users and business partners.

  • Networking Software Engineering Intern

    Job Description

    As a Networking Division team member, you will perform network product design development, testing documentation and analysis of Ethernet controller and smart NIC models. Your role will contribute toward work on leading edge Ethernet technology projects. Assignments may include development of new programs and subprograms as well as enhancements, modifications and corrections to existing software. Duties will include designing and writing code, pathfinding efforts, completing programming, developing and executing testing and debugging routines, and documenting work and results.


    You must possess the below minimum qualifications to be initially considered for this position. Preferred qualifications are in addition to the minimum requirements and are considered a plus factor in identifying top candidates.Experience listed below would be obtained through relevant training and or research experience

    Minimum Requirements:

    Candidate should be pursuing a Master degree or PhD in computer science or computer engineering

    6+ months in the following programming languages:

    • C, C++

    • Networking Devices Configurations (Router, Switch, Gateway, Firewall)

    • Cisco IOS

    • Driver Kernel

    • Linux kernel and stack

    • Ethernet and Network Protocol

  • Cloud Engineering Software Intern

    Job Description

    Cyber Forza is the next-generation Unified Cyber Security Company, leading a new era in AI Powered Cyber Security products. If you want to make an impact you should be motivated, creative, and hardworking, then this job is for you!

    As a Cloud Engineering Intern, you will gain first-hand experience in building a highly scalable, fault-tolerant and resilient connected devices systems architecture that support millions of devices using Internet of Everything (IoT). The cloud services team supports our innovative Cyber Forza product platform.


    • Hands-on coding primarily in Java

    • Develop and supports scripts for building, deploying and configuring cloud applications

    • Documentation of business logic, code and scripts

    Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

    • Knowledge of data structures and software architecture design methods and techniques

    • Strong familiarity of SQL and No-SQL databases

    • Strong familiarity with Windows, Linux operating systems as well as network technologies from a programmer's perspective.

    • Strong knowledge on cloud computing, preferably used AWS

    • Strong experience in Java and some experience in Python and Scala

    • Some working experience in AWS or other cloud computing platforms

    • Familiar with software development process, strong Agile methodology understanding would be a plus

    Experience, Education & Certifications:

    • Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university in IT or related program with the ability to learn new programming languages quickly

    • Candidate for a BS or MS in computer science, electrical engineering or related discipline

    • GPA requirement 3.0 or above

    • Skilled in Java programming language with some development experience

    • Strong verbal and written communication and team player qualities


  • VP of Finance

    Job Description

    Cyber Forza is transforming the way enterprises communicate and engage with customers. Consumer’s self-service demands, enterprises are modernizing customer engagement and experience models. With cutting-edge Conversational AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation Technologies, Cyber Forza enables Healthcare Organizations, Property & Casualty Insurers and Life Insurers to automate their customer engagement. Cloud-based, Cyber Forza empowers business operations teams to build automated and omni-channel experiences through a familiar and intuitive drag-and-drop builder, powered by a no-code platform.


    We are looking for a VP of Finance to supervise all financial tasks of our company and ensure we use capital and resources beneficially. This is a leadership position and you will be a valuable member of the executive team. VP of Finance responsibilities include creating forecasting models, assessing risk in investments and ensuring all accounting activities comply with regulations. To be successful in this role, you should have experience crafting financial strategies, managing accounting teams, and have strong communication skills. Ultimately, you will maintain our company’s financial health and increase profitability in the long run. You will report directly to the CEO.

    • Work alongside the leadership team to help the company grow in a safe and sustainable manner

    • Forecast monthly, quarterly and annual results

    • Create and facilitate the monthly and annual budgeting processes

    • Conduct risk management

    • Supervise current accounting team and build out team as we grow

    • Allocate resources and manage cash flows

    • Conduct profit and loss analyses

    • Develop secure procedures to maintain confidential information

    • Ensure all accounting activities and internal audits comply with financial regulations

    • Work with third parties to oversee and complete financial, risk and compliance audits

    • Work with board members to create the financial architecture and establish funding plans

    • Support sales with pricing and deal analysis


    • Proven work experience as a Head of Finance, Director of Finance or similar role.

    • You are self-motivated, self-directed, eager to grow, and have integrity

    • In-depth understanding of cash flow management, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping

    • Hands-on experience with budgeting and risk management

    • Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal

    • Experience or knowledge of transfer pricing to manage a foreign subsidiary

    • Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting models

    • MBA Finance

    • Leadership abilities

    • Solid analytical and decision-making skills

    • Proficiency in accounting and equity management software’s

  • CFO

    Job DescriptionAbout the Role

    The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a Cyber Forza has primary responsibility for the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of a company, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations. The CFO should manage the funding activities, and also maintain investor relations and partnership compliance. CFO will provide the financial roadmap and growth financial plan to the company. He will drive the corporate growth goals and objectives.


    • Serve as trusted financial advisor to all levels of the organization

    • Lead financial planning and analysis with focus on high-level strategy, forecasting, reporting annual and multi-year budgets, risk management, audit compliance, cash flow management and more

    • Provide and present all financial data, planning, trends, and analysis to key members for monthly and quarterly business reviews

    • Alert executive members of any sudden and significant changes to operating trends, budgets, and forecasting

    • Build and scale finance and accounting department and provide leadership, management, and direction to the team

    • Assess competitive landscape and provide data on valuation of the company

    • Strategically analyze Cyber Forza's financial needs and introduce effective solutions for improvement of internal processes and controls


    • 10+ years of experience in finance and accounting with 5+ years of experience in senior leadership position

    • Bachelor's degree in Finance or Accounting, MBA or CPA preferred

    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal

    • Strong analytical and financial modeling skills

    • Proven track record of excellent leadership skills with ability to grow a team and motivate team members

    • Ability to understand problems quickly and make informed decisions in a fast-paced environment

    • Ability to work under pressure and manage time effectively

    • In-depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices


  • Director of Development Engineering

    Job Description

    As a Director of Software Engineering within Cyber Forza’s Enterprise Data Security Machine Learning (EDSML) and Adaptive Security applications for the Cyber Security, you will execute on high priority initiatives, influence across the Cyber Forza, and drive the implementation of our technology strategy forward.

    This is a critical role and someone who will lead engineering teams including people management, strategy, and delivery. This individual will come into an organization where they have a strong group of Distinguished Engineers (DE) who can help with the HOW around building great enterprise security technology. These DEs will also help motivate, train, and retain engineers but this role will be responsible for the ultimate management of this part of the organization.

    As this role will serve as a member of our leadership team within EDSML and Adaptive Security Applications, and will be responsible for coaching and mentoring our engineers, it is of paramount importance this individual values diverse perspectives, fosters collaboration and encourages innovative ideas - and can create a place where associates of all backgrounds can thrive by bringing their most authentic selves to work.


    • Spending about 50% of your time being hands on AI algorithms using Python & Java. 30% of your time on management (mentoring, leading), 20% for customer facing.

    • Managing a team of engineers.

    • Developing security services that will be used by millions of people.

    • Engineering for scalability, performance, and reliability.

    • Designing and developing excellent user experiences for the Security products.

    • Collaborating with cross-functional team members in design, product, operations and more.

    • Customer engineering deployments & field use cases development.


    • Minimum 5 years of experience as an individual contributor.

    • Minimum 2 years of experience leading a team.

    • Solid Computer Science fundamentals.

    • Proficiency in Java, Python & Web technologies

    • Expertise in React JS, Angular JS, Express JS, Bootstrap

    Additional Qualification is a plus:

    • Exceptional customer presentation skills

    • Innovation experience is preferred

  • VP of Software Engineering

    Job Description

    As a VP of Software Engineering, you will lead a global team of talented engineers who are dedicated to building out a secure, scalable and robust cloud data protection platform. As our customer base continues to grow our product offerings need to scale and become robust. This is a true leadership position offering the opportunity design and shape the product. You will be responsible for driving the development of product in a fast paced, start-up environment.

    What you can expect to work on:

    • Reporting to the SVP of Engineering, you will provide leadership and guidance to a software engineering team spread across multiple regions in US & India

    • Providing technical leadership in defining the product

    • Drive development processes to meet aggressive release schedules.

    • Work closely with our senior engineering management, product management and executive team to define Product strategy and roadmap.


    • Work on-site at our HQ in Santa Clara, California

    • At least 10 years of overall work experience, with at least 5 years in management roles

    • Proven ability to manage multiple product lines and meeting aggressive release schedules

    • Experience in 24x7 SaaS environments

    • Experience with running products / infrastructure on public cloud at scale (ideally with public clouds)

    • Knowledge of file sharing solutions and/or storage systems is a plus

    • Innovate and optimize engineering process and standards

    • Demonstrated success leading globally distributed development teams of ~100 people in a fast paced, startup environment

    • Exceptional interpersonal and communication sills

    • BS and/or MS in Computer Science or related discipline

  • VP of Research & Development – AI

    Job Description

    We aim to meet our users’ needs with a high-performing platform. We are looking for an experienced R & D Engineer with hands-on experience in building reliable and scalable cloud-based services and infrastructure.

    As an R&D Engineer, you will be tasked with creating scalable architecture, algorithms, and systems that enhance video content. You will be developing scalable R & D micro services, data structures and have the opportunity to develop ways to scale the business.


    • Designing, developing, and maintaining Cyber Forza’s R&D services.

    • Understand product objectives to develop an easy-to-use platform that aligns with customer’s needs.

    • Full ownership of infrastructure and production-readiness.

    • Writing clean, maintainable, and testable code.

    • Improve system design and architecture to ensure high stability and performance of the services.

    • Identify and communicate best practices as R&D Engineer.


    • 7+ years of related experience with product development.

    • 7+ years of experience architecting scalable data solutions.

    • 5+ years of hands-on experience with building, deploying and maintaining scalable systems on cloud environment.

    • 5+ years of experience in developing Deep Learning/AI (Computer Vision preferred)

    • 5+ years of experience building modern REST APIs using Java, Python, Go, or a similar language.

    • Experience with automated testing for mobile and web platforms

    • Strong knowledge of data structure and algorithms, proficient in at least one coding language, including but not limited to Python, PHP, SQL.

    • Familiar with the entire software development life cycle including product discussion, research, and analysis (demand and supply side), document writing, system design, coding, testing, etc.

  • Cyber Security Solutions Architect

    Job Description

    • 5+ years’ experience in the design, coding and implementation of complex systems

    • 2+ years’ experience with two or more development languages such as Java & Python

    • 2+ years’ experience in a customer-facing, sales-aligned role such as consultant, solutions engineer or solutions architect

    • A technical undergraduate degree in computer science, MIS, engineering or related discipline Preferred qualifications

    • An advanced degree in computer science, MIS, engineering or related discipline

    Cyber Forza is an inventive research and development company that designs and engineers high-profile Cyber Security Products.

    Solutions Architect will focus on Banking, FinTech, Healthcare & Pharma solutions, with our Unified Cyber Defense Platform technical representative working with senior executives and developers to communicate our platform’s vision; be a customer engagement leader; be an advocate for our developers; develop training, and documentation to enable self-service; foster culture of continuous improvement by being a voice of the customer; and work with a variety of cross functional teams like product, engineering, ops, marketing, and, most importantly, our customers.

    Job responsibilities

    • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences at the C level

    • Deep and broad technical knowledge with the ability to interface between business and technology

    • Experience developing and launching Eagle Platform

    • Demonstrated effectiveness working across multiple business units to achieve results

    • Track record for being detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to self-motivate and follow-through on projects

    • Ability to succeed in a fast-paced, innovative, and rapidly evolving industry and business organization

    • Strong problem-solving skills; the ability to analyze problems and develop actionable and dedicated plans quickly

  • Principal Engineer

    Job Description

    As a Principal Software Engineer, you’ll make your mark in domains and technologies such as Public Cloud, Open-Source Initiatives, and Automation from a Cyber Security DevSecOps perspective. You’ll play a vital role in high-value projects and initiatives that shape the future of everything from connectivity to entertainment. You’ll also need to be naturally curious about the many innovations being fostered at Cyber Forza every day, be a lifelong learner and have a desire to grow as a technology leader. We value results-driven self-starters invested in long term success with ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary environment and cross-functional teams. In this position, you’ll drive continual improvement to the DevSecOps (DSO) program capabilities, service offerings and roadmap


    • 5-10 years of software development and scripting experience (C#, Java, Python, etc.)

    • 5-10 years’ experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, AWS CodePipeline, etc.)

    • Experience with application security testing tools for static code analysis, dynamic testing, etc.

    • Subject matter expertise with application security and related DevSecOps best practices

    • Knowledge of Experience and familiarity with widely accepted vulnerability frameworks (CVSS, OWASP, NIST, etc.)

    • Experience with the administration of Azure, AWS, GCP & other cloud resources is a plus


    • Create and maintain patterns for DSO security tooling usage and integration into software development lifecycles

    • Partner with development teams to provide support for the adoption security test automation and DSO best-practices; and develop automation for routine platform administration

    • Participate in the development and facilitation of DSO program workshops and leadership presentations

    • Lead cross-functional efforts to efforts to identify and implement solutions in support of the DSO platform and processes including process improvement opportunities

    • Stay up-to-date with Application Security and industry best practices to influence program DSO roadmap

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Job DescriptionResponsibilities:

    • Work as part of an integrated team to architect, plan, configure, deploy, sustain, and upgrade COTS/GOTS and custom toolsets within space systems to meet Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements

    • Research and evaluate cyber capabilities and new security products against operational requirements and introduce them to systems in alignment with enterprise security strategy and conduct troubleshooting to resolve technical and non-technical issues

    • Deploy and operate a wide variety of cyber infrastructure components, including but not limited to: Windows and Linux operating systems, ACAS, HBSS/ESS, firewalls, routers, virtualized environments, etc. in order to achieve and maintain system security requirements

    • Team with system administrators and cyber security staff to conduct vulnerability and STIG scanning, patch management, flaw/deficiency remediation, and system Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) updates

    • Develop and execute security control assessment procedures to verify conformance with control requirements as part of ongoing continuous monitoring and authorization assessment activities


    • Active Top Secret security clearance and ability to obtain TS/SCI

    • DoD 8570 IASAE Level II or higher (CASP+CE, CISSP, CSSLP, ISSAP/ISSEP)

    • Expert knowledge of NIST 800-53 controls and RMF

    • Experience with one or more of the following: HBSS/ESS

    • ACAS

    • SIEM tools (e.g., Splunk)

    • eGRC tools (e.g., eMASS)

    • STIG implementation

    • SCAP Compliance Checker (SCC)

    • Vulnerator, scripting tools (e.g., Python, Bash, Ansible, Terraform, PowerShell, etc.)

    • SolarWinds

    • Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortinet firewall

    Education & Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering and 5 or more years of relevant experience; Master’s degree and 3 years or more of relevant experience

  • Member of Technical Staff

    Cyber Forza is looking for hands-on software engineers with a passion to solve interesting problems in distributed systems and high availability. You will own the software design, development and deployment of various critical components of the system and also help mentor junior engineers. You should be hands-on with the ability to dig deeper into any part of the stack while also having the ability to look at the big picture and attend engineering meetings. You should also be able to apply those fundamentals to real-world problems and come up with specialized solutions.


    • 5+ years of experience in delivering and managing highly scalable and highly available distributed systems.

    • Strong knowledge of JAVA, Python and object-oriented programming is required.

    • Strong knowledge of micro services, design pattern and databases.

    • Good understanding of operating systems, virtualization and containers.

    • Strong knowledge in data structures, algorithms and computer science fundamentals.

    • Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills at all levels of the stack.

    • Ability to quickly respond to any alerts/incidents and provide initial triage or efficiently escalate to Operations staff.

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience as a software engineer/developer.


    • Participate in the design and architecture of large-scale Distributed Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) features

    • Design, write and deliver software to improve the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of SaaS service.

    • Participate in research and prototyping (proof of concept) different aspect of SaaS services

    • Solve complex and difficult problems and build automation to prevent them from happening again

    • Participate in SaaS service capacity planning and demand forecasting, software performance analysis and system tuning.

    • Participate in periodic on call duties

    • Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc.

    As a member of the software engineering division, you will assist in defining and developing software for tasks associated with the developing, debugging or designing of software applications or operating systems. Provide technical leadership to other software developers. Specify, design and implement modest changes to existing software architecture to meet changing needs.

    Duties and tasks are varied and complex needing independent judgment. Fully competent in own area of expertise. May have project lead role and or supervise lower-level personnel. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 4 years of software engineering or related experience.

  • QA Manager

    Job Description

    As our first QA manager at CyberForza, you will be responsible for building and managing a highly capable team of SDETs and QAEs that are responsible for developing and maintaining software for testing our Security products. You will have a great influence on the whole quality assurance process and methodology for the product development, as well as the CI/CD process. This role also provides you an opportunity to work closely with the senior leadership team, including product managers, architects, engineering managers, etc to drive the high quality of the desired features to the CyberForza customers.


    • Build and manage SDET teams, including hiring, coaching, and mentoring team members

    • Be a champion of quality and operational excellence, establish the testing strategy and quality metrics for quality measurement and operational excellence

    • Drive the highly efficient testing frameworks design with the tooling team in micro services architectures, and communicate it well to different stakeholders.

    • Establish a consistent, testing management including test automation, test design, development processes to deliver high-quality software in rapid iterations

    • Implement the cutting-edge testing techniques and test best practices for Cloud releases

    • Drive the continuous improvements on a testing strategy

    • Manage and oversee releases and own the release strategy

    • Manage risks associated with change management


    • Bachelor's degree and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent and/or related work experience.

    • 5+ years of management experience, 10+ years of relevant SDET/testing experience.

    • Experience managing releases in a service-oriented architecture

    • Experience in testing strategy on both Monolithic and Micro services architecture products.

    • Experience in testing high-performance, highly available, and scalable distributed systems.

    • Experience with employee development, performance management, and delivering results.

    • Problem-solving skills and have the ability to analyze quantitatively, scope technical requirements, and effectively prioritize program deliverables.

    • Presentation and written communication skills are essential, as is the ability to build partnerships with senior leaders across a variety of groups throughout Preset.

  • QA Analyst

    Job DescriptionResponsibilities:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent work experience

    • 2+ years of software QA testing experience with writing the test plans, use cases, and issue reports

    Cyber Forza is an innovative research and development company that designs Cybersecurity products. We are seeking a highly motivated Quality Assurance Analyst (QAA) to join our team. The ideal candidate will be flexible, detail-oriented, and skilled at working with internal customers (Software, Product teams) for tool testing and provide technical support to teams. As a QAA on the team, you will champion the quality of our features in our development pipeline using both automated and manual tests, reporting and verifying defects, and signing-off on features and release candidate


    • Work with software teams to create test plans and test cases

    • Running test cases on Unified Cyber Defense Platform – such as executing use case scenario-based testing

    • Write, read, run, and enhance test scripts in collaboration with Software team

    • Execute test cases, interpret and report testing results, and be a vocal proponent for quality in every phase of the development process

    • Find, isolate, document, regress, and track bugs through resolution

    • Support projects including setup and verification of all software components, trouble-shooting during set-up and live sessions, and ensure integrity and upload, metrics reporting tasks and processes, and document best practices

    • Provide technical support to the field operation or trials team.

    • Gaining knowledge of the product features and detailed functional requirements of the work well enough to execute your assigned tests

    • Excellent and proven Troubleshooting skills

    • Experience working with Software teams for setting up, testing, and debugging with CyberForza products

    • Experience configuring, deploying and testing software updates including ability to identify issues and escalate to development as appropriate

    • Experience coding and scripting in /perl/Bash/Java/python

    • Experience with Ubuntu

    • Experience in running user trials, beta, field testing or collecting customer feedback.

    • Familiarity with SD-WAN, LAN, and networking

    • Hands-on experience in testing /Android-based Applications

    • Proven track record of using to analyze issues, make decisions, and generate various solutionsv

    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    • Exceptional attention to detail, ability to follow through, and strong organizational skillsv


  • Director of Sales

    Job Description

    The Responsible Sales Director will play a crucial role in supporting the explosive growth of Cyber Forza’s products and sales. This is a strategic role responsible for support to Sales Team globally and building and operating the global sales engineering function.

    This role will be part of the leadership team at Cyber Forza and success in this role means assisting the appropriate sales group or business partner to drive the continued success of Cyber Forza by supporting its sales growth strategy. Sample projects range from the strategic to the very operational including working with the product team to evaluating the pricing strategy, ideal pricing discovery for different regions, enabling agile process of support to the global sale steam with appropriate processes, setting up near shore/off shore and on shore teams to cater to global markets effectively etc.


    • Partner with regional sales leadership to identify strategic opportunities, generate business plans and drive advocacy for regional needs with central teams. Serve as a thought leader on growth opportunities.

    • Lead the sales engineering transformation and support the sales function for the YOY revenue growth.

    • Develop and operationalize pricing, documentation, demonstrations and sales analytics support to the global sales teams

    • Working in conjunction with the product team to understand product capabilities and enable the sales engineering team with the same for global product sales support

    • Develop and deliver cost benefit analysis across products and verticals for the clients in different geographies

    • Creating price discovery studies and competitor outlook across different geos and defining sales engineering strategies accordingly.

    • Develop quarterly and yearly goals and Design, interpret and help in achieving key performance metrics

    • Own business performance metrics and forecasting

    • Partner with Marketing in creating use cases, case studies, white papers etc.

    • Creating a framework for business to happen and address scaling issues to grow in the longer run

    • Create a parallel organization to manage both Sales Engineering and Bid Management

    • Front-ending large customers along with the sales team

    • Drive long term vison to support sales and business

    • Building systems and processes to scale the team and the business

    • Deliver insights & recommendations to senior sales executives, share inputs from the market to the product and delivery teamsv

    • Lead annual resource management

    • Diplomatic and discrete thought partner to sales leaders.

    • Demonstrating leadership, direction and opportunities for sustained growth

    • Enabling CRM hygiene, report management and process oriented of Sales Engineering Delivery

    • Territory setting and quotas and Territory transitions from $1M-$2M to $2M-$5M and to $5M-$10M


    • 15+ years’ experience with good education background. A post graduate in management would be preferred.

    • Past experience in sales, strategy, analytics would be an added advantage

    • Strong analytical and hypothesis-based problem-solving skills.

    • Able to communicate clearly, effectively with senior executives.

    • Creativity and strategic thinking – and the agility necessary to master both the daily hands-on analysis and the big picture strategy

    • Exceptional cross-functional leadership skills.

    • A tolerance for ambiguity and ability to work in a fast-changing environment, with an entrepreneurial approach.

    • Someone who is keen to join the start up space would be preferred.

  • Vice President of Sales

    Job Description

    Leads in the development of long-term strategies for Sales by assessing markets, Customer needs, and growth opportunities, against our current or prospective service offering. Assist in the current effort to establish complete Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) & Managed Security Solutions. Provides input for sales and growth objectives.

    Responsible for executing all aspects of the Sales effort and achieving the Revenue and Profitability targets established through strategic planning. Manage the Sales effort developing the strategy, message, and teams required to support the sales objectives. Set sales engagement expectations, develop proposal and estimate procedures, maintain margin integrity on all proposal and estimates. Provide sales forecasts, review forecast vs actual results and provide feedback for the financial planning.

    Role and Responsibilities

    • Partner with Company President to develop the go to market strategy and marketing message.

    • Use 2021 to pivot the company to a new mission of being a SaaS & Managed Security Solutions company

    • Recommends sales strategies for improvement based on market research and competitor analyses

    • Develops annual sales plans in support to the organization strategy and objectives

    • Responsible for revenue attainment and forecast

    • Implement the go to market strategy and message thru marketing and our sales effort

    • Manage multiple channels selling strategies

    • Manage key customer relationships and participate in closing strategic opportunities

    • Directs implementation and execution of sales policies and practices

    • Builds, develops and manages a Business Development Team capable of carrying out needed sales and services initiatives.

    • Oversee the Estimation and proposal creation

    • Other duties may be assigned


    1. 10 Years of Sales experience in Cyber Security field

    2. MBA in Sales and Marketing background preferred

    3. BA in Business Management

  • VP of Marketing

    Job Description

    As Vice President of Marketing, you will lead and grow the marketing function at Cyber Forza, building market leadership and sales pipeline as you do. Cyber Forza technology has the power to fundamentally reshape data security for enterprises and governments around the world. As VP of Marketing working in collaboration with the Product and Sales organizations you create the market awareness of what is possible and the market demand for the solution. Responsibilities include the full breadth of marketing activities:

    Positioning and Product Marketing. Establish differentiated and sustainable company and product leadership, anchored in Cyber Forza technology innovations.

    Demand Generation. Define overall demand generation strategy and then oversee execution of demand programs that measurably contribute to the sales pipeline.

    Sales Enablement. Ensure that sales team and channel partners have the tools and training they need for success at each step of the sale process.

    Market Awareness. Serve as a senior spokesperson and thought leader for Cyber Forza for press, analysts, and industry events.

    Marketing Operations. Oversee the systems and processes required to support a metrics-driven marketing function.

    Voice of the Customer. As a member of the executive team, continually represent the feedback of customers and marketplace into the company.

    Business Planning. Assist in the ongoing evaluation of market opportunities and positioning to maximize opportunities for future growth.

    The Company

    Cyber Forza is a Unified Cyber Defense Security company solving the challenges of cloud security and privacy. Data is the most precious digital asset of businesses, but this data is spread across clouds, SaaS, applications, storage systems, and data centers. Security teams struggle to track, much less secure it. Cyber Forza empowers customers to secure all this data with a centralized solution. Its pioneering Confidential Computing technology means data remains protected at-rest, in-motion, and in-use, keeping it secure from even the most sophisticated attacks


    • 10+ years marketing and leadership experience, with clear progression to senior roles.

    • Experience working in a startup company environment. Even at the VP level you'll need to both think strategically and get your hands dirty building out your plans.

    • Demonstrated success in developing and establishing company leadership in a new market category, as well as ongoing strategic positioning.

    • Direct experience in Product Marketing for technical solutions sold to enterprise buyers. Hands-on experience in other marketing disciplines is a plus -- the more the better.

    • Ability to manage a metrics-driven mix of outbound marketing and demand generation activities.

    • Ability to establish strong working relationships with sales teams and product teams to identify and develop best market opportunities. History of direct engagement with customers very helpful.

    • Excellent oral and written communications skills, with the ability to be a visible public spokesperson for the company.

    • Track record of growing, managing, and motivating a team of top marketing talent.

    • BS/BA required; MBA preferred

  • Sales Account Executive

    Job Description

    Cyber Forza is seeking an Account Executive to join our growing small and medium sized business team. In this role you will focus on increasing market share in SMB market accounts for Cyber Forza products within an assigned region. This will be accomplished through a mixture of outbound telephone prospecting, as well as partnering with our channel partners. By joining our already successful team, you will be an instrumental part of our consistent year over year revenue growth!


    • Actively engage with prospective new customers via phone, web conference and in-person to introduce Cyber Forza products and our value proposition

    • Consistently research and prospect within your assigned territory to identify new potential Cyber Forza Cyber Forza customers.

    • Drive the entire sales process from start to finish including prospecting, opportunity identification, introductory meetings, product demonstration, customer Q&A, as well as negotiation and closing

    • Team up with our rapidly expanding channel partner network to drive net-new revenue

    • Interact with the management team in 1-1, team meetings and via forecasting and reporting to provide critical updates, and strategic account planning

    • Become a perpetual student of Cyber Forza products, and the ever-changing Cyber Security industry! You can achieve your quota, but quite frankly we would love you to blow it out of the water!

    • May require modified work hours to cover accounts in other time zones, and occasional travel for key accounts


    • 1-3 years of experience selling enterprise software is preferred

    • Track record of sustained success/over-achievement in a sales role

    • Experience managing the entire sales cycle, from prospecting through negotiation and closing

    • Strong phone and interpersonal communication skills (verbal and written) as well as organizational skills

    • Great attitude, and a team player that will share their recipe(s) for success

    • Experience working with or other CRM is a plus

    • Bachelor's or Master’s Degree required

  • VP of Operations

    Reporting to CEO

    Operations at Cyber Forza is a collaborative, customer centric group focused on maximizing the revenue realization of customer contracts. The role of operations is to deliver visibility across the entire revenue team, improve efficiency across the revenue process, drive revenue predictability, and achieve growth.


    Increase efficiency through alignment –The VP, Operations will be responsible for realizing the revenues by delivering the Cyber Forza products to our customers by ensuring that all departments from sales, service delivery, finance, customer experience is aligned, and revenue is not lost due to delay or unavailability of products.

    Revenue Recognition – Sales closes orders, finance invoices when orders are delivered, and customer success ensures that the solution is deployed. Ops is responsible for ensuring the Cybersecurity products that enable the solution are configured and delivered to the customer on time. The VP will be responsible for overseeing order management, inventory forecasting, revenue recognition, procurement and managing the delivery velocity of Cyber Forza products. Operationalize the end-to-end customer journey by implementing order processes, methodologies, and policies with a focus on speed, scale, and repeatability.

    Strategy Development – VP will spearhead strategy development for the Operations function: plan, allocate resources, identify and resource large initiatives, and determine operational roadmap.

    Cyber Forza Supply Chain Process -V VP will be responsible for ongoing evaluation of current processes (overhauling these where necessary to improve productivity by leveraging industry best practices and designing process), tools, and reporting improvements, enabling the team to work smarter. Work with the enablement team, sales leadership, executives, and first-line managers to constantly improve execution techniques within the org, diagnose problems, and develop workflows, to improve rep performance and efficiency.

    Scale Initiatives – VVP will be responsible for conceiving and implementing new technologies, automation of processes to improve customer experience. These would include but not limited to creating a scalable reverse logistics program, expanding Cyber Forza 24x7 service support on a global basis.

    Quality – VVP will be responsible for implementing quality best practices at Cyber Forza which includes the quality of service, developing and meeting customer SLAs, be the voice of Cyber Forza to our customers.

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