Vulcanor: Cloud AI Risk & Vulnerability Life Cycle Management


Integrated Cloud AI Cyber Risk Management Platform. Vulcanor is a comprehensive enterprise grade cyber-risk predictive platform. It covers IT, OT, Business & Applications risks.

Vulcanor scan, discover, prioritize, assess, classify, reports, remediate and verify risks. Prioritize, identify, visualize and organize risks & vulnerabilities related to Enterprise business


Vulcanor Overview

Integrated Cloud AI Risk & Vulnerability Life Cycle Management Platform. Vulcanor gives you a full visibility of vulnerabilities & associated risks. Vulcanor continuously scans and identifies vulnerabilities with high accuracy, protecting your IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints.

Vulcanor delivers low TCO, high accuracy, robust scalability, and extensibility.

Vulcanor Overview

Vulcanor Dashboard

Vulcanor Dashboard

Vulcanor Features & Benefits



  • Detection using various Scanner Plugins
  • Attack Classification & Prioritization
  • Constant Monitoring & Alerting
  • Risk & Vulnerability Holistic Visibility
  • False Positive Removal
  • CI / CD Integration
  • Remediation

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce TCO
  • OPEX reduction by 20%
  • Security Operations efficiency by 40%
  • ROI <2 Months
  • Easy of Use


Holistic visibility

Gives you full clarity into your data center assets, identifies their vulnerabilities, prioritizes remediation and assesses IT compliance

Accurate, prioritized results

Features a powerful data analysis, correlation and reporting engine

Continuous,comprehensive protection

Continuously monitors your environment, and flags traffic anomalies and compromise indicators

Lower and more predictable TCO

No capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure or software to deploy and manage


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