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Robust Unified AI Cyber Defense platform

Unified AI Cyber Defense Software Platform defending against Multi-Threats and Multi-Cyberattacks

Cyber Forza is the first leading Unified Cyber Defense platform designed from ground-up to defend your entire organization with holistic visibility

Defending Multi-Threats: Ransomware, Advance malware, Phishing, Back door, Command control, DDoS, Email fraud, Intrusions, IP theft, Honey pots, Credential thefts, and various other data breach attacks. Cyber Forza's unique differentiation detects, identifies, defends, isolates & responds to cyber-threats and prioritize using our proprietary, cognitive Artificial intelligence technology.

Defending Multi-Cyberattacks: Your business is exposed due to Multi-Cyberattacks targeted to Operating System (OS), Network, and Applications of the enterprise. Cyber Forza defends and provides real-time monitoring for the multi-cyberattacks targeting OS, Network, and Applications.

A Robust AI Unified Cyber Defense Platform covers Eagle Core, Stinger Edge and Hawk-Eye Endpoint Platforms.

A Unified Cyber Threat Management platform and Unified Risk Management Platform provides holistic multi-threats and multi-cyberattacks real-time risks visibility and remediation process.