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C2ISS Interceptor (Inside/Internal Threat Protection)

C2ISS Forza Interceptor (Inside / Internal Security Solution) is a Cloud Cyber Security Solution powered by Cognitive & Adaptive AI defending across the OS, Network, and Application layers. (40-IN-1) Interceptor provides a granular solution for user activity, Insider Threat Detection, Threat Analytics, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Profile and IOT management. Interceptor’s Adaptive AI Provides Predictive Prioritization for Internal threats, Data Breach detection/Malware protection, Integrated IPS/IDS, Software Patch Management Automation, Regulatory Security Compliance, and Report generation automation.

nterceptor may be deployed on Prem, in the Cloud or in a Hybrid scenario. Efficiency and effectiveness improve by focusing on the top 3% of vulnerabilities based on impact priority, a potential of 97% reduction in vulnerabilities based on the threat intensity.


Cyber Forza customer survey data shows that the Enterprise Cyber Security threats increased significantly in 2018.

Does your organization have silo point products to protect Internal Threats?

Is it difficult to manage the point products with limited resources and budgets?

Is your organization considering an Integrated & Consolidated Internal Threat Protection which eliminated silos and security gaps? Including, Real Time Monitoring, Data Breach Detection and Malware Protection, Threat Analytics, Enterprise grade Risk & Vulnerability assessment, Data Loss Prevention, IP Theft Protection, Audit and Regulatory compliance?.

Forza Interceptor is a highly Integrated and Consolidated Internal Threat Protection software will provide better visibility, low maintenance and quick actions. As a result, the risk of malicious actions can be prevented before they occur.


Cyber Forza customer survey data shows that the Enterprise Cyber Security threats increased significantly in 2018.

Interceptor Overview

Predictive Analytics-Driven Security
  • Enhanced capabilities with user behavior analytics
  • Gain operational insights for potential insider threats with prioritized alerts
  • Unmatched visibility and protection from the comprehensive security suite to protect critical data

Improve Security Posture with Integrations

Highly integrated Inceptor will improve security by leveraging threat analytics and intelligence
  • Insider vulnerability assessment and regulatory compliance providers cost effective audit and report generation
  • Deploy easily across your entire network including cloud-based resources

    Interceptor Features & Benefits

  • Real time insight and control with out-of-the-box capabilities to protect critical assets
  • Improve operational efficiency by performing continuous monitoring of sensitive data

  • Features

    • Real Time Threat Management

    • Information Governance Policy Monitoring

    • Network Management

    • Predictive Cognitive & Adaptive Intelligence

    • HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, FISMA Compliance

    • Highly Integrated and Interoperable

    • Highly Scalable and Consolidated Software Solution

    • Prioritize & Defend Multiple Cyber Threats

    • Security Monitoring across Physical & Virtual Servers


    Vulnerability Assessment & Reporting

    To identify threats and the risks inside your organization and what is necessary to correct the issues

    Real Time Monitoring

    Collecting and analyzing information and data to detect suspicious behavior or unauthorized system change to your organization or network.

    Configuration Management
    Performing and maintaining consistency of product performance, functional, and physical attributes with it’s requirements.
    Regulatory Security Compliance

    Provide the organization with and maintain a level of security that is required by federal standards.

    Forza Client Executive Summary

    • Breach Detection and Forensic Investigation to identify factor of data breach

    • Holistic view of the Enterprise Threat Assessment at OS, Network and Application level

    • Real Time Monitoring of all the critical assets and IoT devices

    • Cognitive AI UEBA based Threat Analytics

    • Supports CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability) Triad

    • Data Forensics, IP Theft Protection, Data Loss / Data Leakage Protection

    • Regulatory Compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, FISMA) and Automation

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